About Us

About Our Local Search Marketing Services

We’ve been providing local SEO, digital marketing, search engine and website optimization services for local businesses for over 15 years!

A New Chapter In Website Optimization

SEO is not dead, far from it! Like any other technology, it’s evolving to meet the needs of users across more and more devices everyday.

That being said, nobody understands your customers better than you do. So in order for our campaigns to be truly successful, we need our clients to be involved in the process from ideation to creation. We’ve tracked and measured far better results with our clients when working together as partners rather than just delivering “time and material”. Ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time, so being open to developing those off-the-wall ideas through unconventional means at odd hours could have a huge impact on your business. We don’t want to leave any stone unturned if there’s a potential win waiting for you.

What makes Cube so special?

You mean besides our stunning good looks? Each of us has put in 10+ years in the digital space building and optimizing websites, print design, market research and analysis, strategic planning and account management. If degrees are your thing, we’ve got ’em… a few of us even have that pesky MBA and the student loans to prove it. The guy over by the window daydreaming about being on a beach somewhere and the guy hiding behind the lone office plant, we can still see you… have Google certifications which also makes us a Google certified partner.

Who Do You Work With?

Most of our clients are local Cleveland small businesses, because, well… in order to prove that we can help your small business & we understand “local”; we started with local businesses. We’ve developed marketing plans for doctors and hospital systems in Ohio City, Lakewood and Rocky River. A couple of our general contractor clients came to us from Westlake, Avon, out to Columbia Station and Grafton. We continue to help a few CPAs and auditors from Strongsville, Medina and Middleburg Heights. A few clients in Solon and Aurora, as far out as Ashtabula down to Youngstown. We’re certainly no strangers to traveling both to and for our clients.

Why should we work with Cube?

Unlike most digital marketing agencies, we were built on a framework that refines and defines flexibility. We understand that small business owners are also operators, we know that entrepreneurs and start-ups don’t keep to a 9-5 schedule; so in order to effectively respond to the needs of these small businesses… we need to be flexible. We’ve been on business trips, we’ve helped support sales presentations, we’ve done breakfasts, lunches, brunches, dinners and happy hours to help our clients.