My professional career could be split almost 50/50 between agencies & the corporate world in various capacities for companies ranging from “just getting started” to fortune 500 companies; and a bunch of different configurations in between.


15+ years of wearing a lot of different hats, 3 degrees, dozens of certifications, 1 dog, 2 cats, family of 4, living in the ’burbs


Creative Director by day, Batman by night? Have never seen both of them at the same time so there’s a chance…

From designing icon systems to helping architect the user experience, been helping provide a range of digital solutions for clients for over a decade. Has it really been that long? Sorry bud, been a little longer than that. WOW!


10+ years in the art & creative director chair. Life on the outside is about as typical as you can get without being able to catch me wearing black socks with sandals while I’m mowing the lawn.


Sales/Acquisition Mastermind

From sales to marketing to helping clients to training, my focus is on helping clients realize the full potential of the solutions we’re developing.


5+ years as a Cleveland local road warrior working on the house with a little picket fence suburban dad dream. Is that a even a thing? It is now…


PR & Communications Savant

They say that everybody has a “story” & it’s Chris’ job to build the best possible story so our clients reach their customers with the right messaging.


A classically training educator by trade & desire, Chris joined the team after spending a decade teaching English & composition at the high school & collegiate level.



Controller/HR Manager

I’ve got the responsibility of keeping the train on the tracks, whether it’s talking to clients or building out internal processes to the help make sure things run smoothly.


10+ years managing a lot of different tasks be it HR, accounting, financials, whatever needs to be done to keep the lights on & the computers running!