Local SEO, SEM/Paid Search and Digital Marketing Services

Over the years, we’ve worked with a few hundred small businesses, startups, design firms and ad agencies to develop, support and manage organic and paid search campaigns.

During that time we found that while these small businesses had some loosely fashioned goals and some ideas about what they wanted to do, there was no definitive framework for marketing and promoting their brands/companies. Due to the inherent nature of being a small business, a start-up or even an entrepreneur, owners and family members were the ones responsible for pitching in to lend a dozen or so hands, switch between a few different roles and try to do what everybody else was doing to get people through the door.

What They Needed Was A Process, A Framework For Their Local SEO & Digital Marketing!

They needed a process, a blueprint, a checklist for how to work around, work within and ultimately produce something at the end. They needed a systematic approach that stepped them through transforming an idea into a solution. What could Cube provide that would have an immediate impact right out of the GATE? The answer, as it would seem, was found in the question itself.

GATEGather >> Analyze >> Transform >> Engage

We took the basics of every strategic planning session, broke them out into quick hits and presented our clients with a formula for solving their marketing problem(s). We noticed that right out of the GATE, it removed ambiguity and helped channel their efforts. By identifying goals, creating actionable steps to getting in front of their customers and being able to weigh/measure the results, it helped control costs while improving efficiency.


  • What do you know about your customers, markets, competitors
  • What don’t you know about your customers, markets, competitors
  • What don’t you know about what you don’t know



  • Sort customer data, surveys, feedback forms
  • Develop market awareness
  • Perform a deep-dive on your competition



  • Customer data into audiences, segments, personas
  • Market/industry data into winnable niches
  • Competitor data into opportunities



  • Touch-points throughout the buying cycle
  • Explore different market segments
  • Beat the competition where they’re not

Once the process was in place and the results of the digital marketing, SEO and SEM efforts started to roll in, we started to notice client engagement on a completely different level. Those relationships started to take on more of a partnership where we weren’t just the “agency of record”, but an extension of their marketing and sales departments. Fast forward to today and there are still a dozen or so of those initial clients that are still working with us; and we’re overjoyed to have them onboard.

Questions about what our process can do for your business?

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