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Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, when factored into a digital marketing strategy, helps you stay in contact and relevant in the minds of your customers.

While there are copious packages and services you can choose from, we’re often asked as part of an email marketing strategy to design and develop a series of email templates that integrate with various CRMs. Companies are getting on board with the notion that there needs to be a definitive set of brand standards as well as certain style guides their materials need to follow in order to deliver their message in a manner consistent their offline business.

One of the areas/pain-points that we’re still uncovering with small business is the lack of consistency in their messaging as well as their brand/iD. One of our goals in working with them on various strategies like email marketing is to make sure their customer touch-points look the same, feel the same and deliver a consistent message.

So part of your email strategy is building a new logo AND marketing materials?

WHOA Nelly… while we’re certainly open to the discussion, building new logos and marketing materials is not part of our email strategy. The strategy includes taking inventory of what you have available, what you’ve done in the past and move forward with email and e-newsletters that are fully recognizable with respect to your brand. Granted, after taking a brief inventory of what you may have done previously be it brochures, sell sheets or emails, we might find that the first order of business is compiling and consolidating so that your message matches your brand, and your brand moves with one consistent voice.

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