SEM / Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search Or PPC

What is Google Adwords? Is PPC / Pay-per-click advertising right for me? I have a small marketing budget, what can I honestly do with $100 a month in Adwords? Why does my small business need Google Adwords?

They’re all solid questions and ones we get most frequently.

While we’re not necessarily fans of answering a question with another question, there are a few questions we always ask make sure we’re starting off each and every SEM / paid search campaign on the right foot, so:

  • Why are you interested in SEM / Search Engine Marketing / Google Adwords?
  • What are your goals, what are you hoping to accomplish with your PPC / Pay per Click campaigns?
  • What can you tell us about your customers and how do they use your website?
  • What is going to constitute a win, what does a successful campaign look like to your business?

While the formal questionnaire is a little bit longer, a little more in depth, we wanted to call attention to a few of the “must haves” for any and every advertising or marketing campaign. We want to get a good reading on your level of interest. In part because we want you to be involved, but by and large, the outcome is always better when we work together as partners towards a common goal. Without goals, strategies and the subsequent tactics won’t come anywhere close to being successful unless there is a reason and a desired outcome. For most, the desired outcome is contingent upon reaching the right customers in the right place, at the right time for the right price! As a search engine marketing firm, we want to get in deep with your customers, find out what they like, explore where they live and what makes them tick. Since testimonials, referrals, reviews are worth their weight in gold, we might consider nurturing some of these customers and cultivating the opportunity for some brand ambassadors throughout the process. And last but not least, how do you define success for this or any other type of advertising or marketing?

Are you currently running campaigns via Google Adwords and are looking for input, feedback or general guidance on direction, goals, metrics or strategy?

From time to time, getting a second set of eyes or different perspective on your campaigns, strategy or process might be just the thing to jumpstart new growth. Many of our clients have managers that wear a number of different hats and all too often, the person who oversees the internal/external sales process is also the person responsible for any and all marketing initiatives. Maybe they had time to do a little research on blogs and industry insiders, maybe they’re members of organizations or attended conferences that talked about pairing traditional marketing and advertising methods with digital, at some point they hit a wall and turned to us for help. We’re more than happy to:

  • Take a look at your Google Adwords account structure and provide recommendations or insights.
  • Take a look at landing pages, campaigns, ad groups and perform keyword research to see if there are any tweaks that might help performance.
  • Help perform competitive research that may help provide insights for campaign modifications or creation.
  • Review the whole cast of characters to see if there is any room for improving quality scores, click through rates and getting the most out of your budget.


Questions about what our SEM (search engine marketing) and PPC (pay per click advertising) can do for your business? Looking for more details on what comprises search engine marketing?

Hop on over to the contact page and let us know how we can help!